Benefits of Blogging

Blogging has multiple benefits to students both in and out of the classroom. One major benefit of student blogging is literacy in reading and writing. As young writers, students have a much larger (and global) audience. This pushes students to clearly articulate their thoughts to appeal to their readers. A second great benefit of starting a class blog is the global connection. Through the internet, students are able to branch out of the classroom to interact with students all over the world. By doing this, they are introduced to different cultures, languages, and people. Internet safety is a third benefit of blogging. Using a classroom blog automatically means students will need to learn safe blogging. Many other subjects and skills are integrated into classroom blogging like math, teamwork, community,  technology skills, social skills, and confidence. My goal is to create a blog for my classroom as a way to teach valuable skills to my students.

Below is a link on how to start a classroom blog:

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